It’s a mindset.

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polar ice jump


Polar Ice Cap Jump is a simple game about a penguin trying to keep its head above water. Tap to jump onto the ice blocks to survive.




Test your reflexes in this thrilling, adrenaline rush filled game and try not to get the catchy music stuck in your head. Avoid all of the orange traffic cones and walls. Use all of the blue object to your advantage. Good luck.



Stinkies have are mischievous group of friends who are always trying to cause trouble. They have a habit of leaving a horrible smell wherever they go and in order to continue they must keep on collecting there favourite fruit to replenish their fuel. 

Bear Run Trail


Run through the forest and jump over all the traps set out to trip you up. Get the high score and be the champion of our leaderboard.


What’s the cause?

Inspired by Lil Dicky’s Earth video and #WeLoveTheEarth movement, we have decided to do our part to raise awareness and help raise funds for non-profit organizations that go out there and make a difference every day. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see all of the amazing conservation efforts that are happening all around the world and how each and every one of us can do our own part in taking care of the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

If you haven’t already, watch the “Earth” music video below, because all of the proceeds from that video is going directly to “The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation” and all of the amazing they are accomplishing. If you’ve already seen it, just watch it again because.… Earth. Check out the links below.


As the song gets more and more streams, not only will we all become more aware, but we’ll also generate more and more profits to donate to various environmental organizations. So share the heck out of it!